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1. General information
A Vietnamese entry visa is required for all foreigners wishing to visit Vietnam except for citizens of countries having bilateral agreements on visa exemption with Vietnam. The Embassy of Vietnam will issue visas only upon approval by authorities in Vietnam.
Visas can be applied by mail or in person at the Embassy of Vietnam up to six months prior to the date of travel. Applicants must summit to the Embassy of Vietnam the following:
The original passport; one completed application form with one passport-size photograph stapled or glued firmly to the application form.

2. Tourist visas
Tourist visas will be granted only for single entry with a maximum stay in Vietnam of one month.

3. Diplomatic and official visas
There are no fees for Diplomatic or Official visas unless otherwise agreed upon between Vietnam and applicants country. In addition to the documents specified above, applicant must submit a Note verbal or an official letter from the concerned agencies of the U.S. federal government, foreign embassies or consulates accredited to the U.S., international organizations, or other accredited organizations based in the U.S.

4. Business or other types of visas
In addition to the documents specified in (1), applicant must obtain approval through sponsor in Vietnam. The Embassy will require five business days to process visa applications even with pre-approvals.

5. Visa Fees
Single entry & transit visa: US$25   - Extension of single entry visa:US$10
Multiple entry: US$40-US$100        - Extension of multiple entry visa: US$16.


Vietnam Introduces 5-Day Visa-Free Stay
In a significant move, the Vietnamese Government has introduced a five-day, visa-free stay which will now be available to all international travellers irrespective of nationality and which applies to all ports of entry, by air, sea and road. This new visa facility is scheduled to come into operation from May 2002.

 This follows the successful "visa upon arrival" facility which has been in operation for over a year at Danang international airport whereby guests of the five-star Furama Resort Danang are able to process their visa upon arrival in Vietnam at a cost of around USD30.00 per person through prior arrangement with the resort, and this arrangement will continue to be available to those travellers spending more than 5 nights in the country.


Customs and Immigration
On arrival in Vietnam, you must complete white and blue duplicate arrival-departure forms. The blue copy is to be kept with your passport at all times. Hotels, guest houses and private hosts must register overnight guests with the local police and these blue forms are essential for this purpose.
Incoming visitors must also fill out duplicate yellow and white customs declaration forms. The yellow copy is to remain with your passport until departure. Do not lose it!
On the yellow and white Customs Forms you are expected to declare:
- Cameras, camcorders and other electric equipments not for personal use
- Currency over US$3,000
- Jewellery not for personal use
- Video tapes (they may be kept for a few days and screened)
Duty free allowances are 200 cigarettes, two litres of alcohol, perfume and jewellery for personal use.

Banned material

Vietnam has strict laws on bringing anti-government literature, pornography, firearms and weapons into the country. CDs and tapes are often retained for screening, but will be returned after a few days. It is illegal to remove antiques from Vietnam. When buying handicrafts, especially those that look old, ask the retailer for a receipt and declaration that the item may be exported.

Airport Tax

Domestic Flights: VND25,000
International Flights: US$12
Child under two exempt.

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