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Thua Thien Hue



Population :
Provincial Capital:


5,010 sq km
Hue City
Phong Dien, Quang Dien, Huong Tra, Phu Vang, Huong Thuy,
Phu Loc, Nam Dong, A Luoi and Hue City.
The province lies on the tropical climate with strong monsoon influence.
Climatic conditions changes distinctively according to the four seasons in the year.
It is warm in spring, hot in summer, cool in autumn and cold in winter.
Average temperature in the year is 25o C.
The most ideal season for travelling is from November to April.
The rainy season begins in September and lasts till November.

Hue is one of places, which has many cultural heritages. Up to now, there is no places like Hue remaining a lot of originally historical vestiges as in this ancient Capital City.

On the Northern bank of Perfume River has relics consisting of palaces, which were constructed as arc defensive ramparts with 11km length. This valuable construction includes more than 100 architectural works which were extremely reflected the life of Emperors and mandarins under Nguyen’ reign. Situated in the middle of hills on the Southern bank of Perfume River are very beautiful tombs of Nguyen Kings. Among these tombs are the four famous ones with the name and the arrangements of the tomb reflected each Emperor’s points of view, personality, and tastes. This is majestic Gia Long tomb, imposing Minh Mang tomb, poetic Tu Duc tomb and magnificent Khai Dinh tomb.

Hue is also an important center of Buddhism. In Hue and its surrounding still exist tens of pagodas constructed more 300 years ago, and a hundred of temples and pagodas built in the early century.  Besides, Hue is a place where the royal music is originated, and a place with traditional famous dishes and sophisticated handicraft.

As a unique city of Vietnam still remains its form of City under Middle Age and the constructions of monarchic, Hue has become a big and an invaluable museum. Therefore, vestiges in Hue ancient capital have been classified by the government as a very precious property and on December 1993 Hue has been recognized as a World Cultural Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Thua Thien Hue is a province on the central coast. It borders Quang Tri province to the north, Quang Nam-Da Nang province on the south and the magnificent Truong Son mountain range on the west. The East sea washes the province on the east. Thua Thien Hue is 660 kilometers south of Hanoi and 1,080 kilometers north of Ho Chi Minh City.

This is the home to ancient imperial courts of 13 Nguyen kings who reigned from 1802 to 1945. During the first and second Indochina wars (the resistance wars against the French and the US) Thua Thien Hue was among the several centers of mass and patriotic movements against foreign domination.

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