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Thai Binh


Area :
Population :
Provincial Capital :
Districts :
Economic potentialities :
1,509 sq. km
Thai Binh Town
Quynh Phu, Hung Ha, Dong Hung, Vu Thu, Kim Xuong, Tien Hai, Thai Thuy
marine and inland fishery, oil, gas, mineral resources

Thai Binh is located in the North Vietnam Plains and Midlands; it is the only province in Vietnam that does not have a mountain in its territory. It is bordered by Haiphong, Hai Duong, Hung Yen, Ha Nam, and Nam Dinh. The coast line is 53 km long with large estuaries, seaports, and sand beaches. The main ethnic group in the area is Kinh.

The most famous sites include the Keo Pagoda, Dong Bang Temple, and Tien La Temple.

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