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Quang Ngai



Tra Khuc River:
This is a small river, an together with the rivers of Tra Bong and Ba To, it helps to create the plain areas in the province. Tra Khuc River not only adds scenic beauty to the town of Quang Ngai, but also serves as an abundant source of water supply for crops.

Visiting the province between April and September, visitors will see huge water-wheels industriously scooping up the river water and pouring it into canals to irrigate paddy fields on the left banks of the river.  Each water wheel is really a work of art that is made of such countryside materials as wood, bamboo and straw.

A French tourist after seeing those water-wheels with his own eyes wrote: "No other landscape in the province could provide more surprise to travallers' curious eyes...".

Sa Huynh Beach:
Visitors can travel by car or by train from Hanoi to Sa Huynh. If they travel by train, they will arrive at Sa Huynh Railway Station at Kilometer Marker 985. The beach lying close to National Highway 1 is an ideal place for tourism. That is why a motel named Sa Huynh was built to offer travellers a place to stay and enjoy bathing in the sea for a day or two before contusing their journey.
If tourists travel by ship they can leave from Hai Phong Port or from Saigon Port, and arrive at the port of Sa Huynh.
Sa Huynh Beach is beautiful with clear water, golden sand and surrounded by vast pine forests.
Visitors are offered sea bathing, excursions to Liet Son Lake and nearby mountains which are home to a great number of monkeys.

Son Tinh district: some 134 km from Quang Ngai town is son, Tinh district. It was the site of the most horrible was crimes, committed by American troops during the Vietnam war: On March 16, 1968, Lt. William Calley order his troops to kill 502 unarmed civilians of Tu Cung village, Tinh Khe commune, Son Tinh district.
Soothing the indignation of people of conscience worldwide, the US authorities had to bring Calley to trial and sentence him to life imprisonment. A term he didn't serve.

My Khe Beach :
My Khe Beach is located on Highway 24B, 15 km from the town of Quang Ngai in the Son Tinh District. It is an ideal and huge beach in Quang Ngai Province with smooth sand and a slight slope. Behind it is a dark green poplar forest, and beside, the Kinh River carries crystal water to the sea.

There has been a steady increase in the number of tourists visiting the beach. In the province, the My Khe Tourist Area project has been designed to construct theatres, the My Khe Hotel and campgrounds.

Sa Huynh Beach :
From Hanoi, one can reach Sa Huynh Beach by car or by train. One can also travel by boat from Hai Phong or from Ho Chi Minh City and reach Sa Huynh port. Close to National Highway 1, it is the ideal location to spend a few days on a beach bordered by coconut groves and rice paddies.

Sa Huynh Motel was built to accommodate travellers and let them enjoy the sea for a day or two before continuing their journey.  Sa Huynh Beach is beautiful with clear water and golden sand.

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