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Cao Bang


Provincial Town:

Economic potentialities:
8,444 sq km
Cao Bang Town
Bao Lac, Thong Nong, Ha Quang, Tra Linh, Trung Khanh, Nguyen Binh, Hoa An, Quang Hoa, Thach An, Ha Lang.
agriculture, hydro-electricity, iron

Cao Bang, a province in the northern highlands, shares borders with China (north), Bac Can and Lang Son (south), and Ha Giang and Tuyen Quang (west). There are nine ethnic minorities living in Cao Bang, including the Tay, Nung, Dao, and H’mong.

The tropical climate of this mountainous region brings temperate weather divided in four seasons. The hottest month is May, and the coldest is January.

Famous sites include Thang Then Lake in Tra Linh, Ban Gioc Fall in Trung Khanh, and Ba Be Lakes in Ba Be. Several sites where Uncle Ho lived and worked before the August 1945 Revolution include Pac Bo, Coc Bo Cave, Lenin Stream, and Khuoi Nam Stream.

Cao Bang is a mountain province in North Vietnam. It shares a border of 314 Km with China to the north and the east. To the south it borders Bac Thai and Lang Son provinces, and Ha Giang and Tuyen Quang to the west. Cao Bang is inhabited by many ethnic groups.

More than 90% of the province's natural area is covered by mountains and forests abundant in timber and other valuable forest products. Cao Bang has a mild climate. In winter it is cold, with snow in some places. The annual average temperature is 22.1oC.

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